The Joys of the Thar - Dhora

The inspiration for the name, “Dhora”  lies in Marwari, the language of  Rajasthan’s region of Marwar, where the locals refer to dunes as “Dhoras”. 

The rich history of the Marwar region has had a profound influence in conceptualising Dhora, and its identity lies in the ethos of Rajasthani local culture, heritage and the desert ecosystem. Historically, Rajputs, the warrior clan of Rajasthan of this region would give safe passage to merchants and caravans traveling from India to Afghanistan and beyond. With sparse agriculture, the locals depended on the protection of the Rajputs as a means of livelihood. Through the passage, temporary lodging was constructed in the form of tents around a watering hole. We aim to take you back in time to experience the life of our ancestors through Dhora.

In honour of the Late Mr. Fateh Singh Rathore, the Ex-director of Ranthambore National Park who was famously known as the Tiger Man of India, the family running the resort adheres to the practice of animal conservation. The tradition of living close to nature and preserving the desert vegetation has been kept alive as an increasing number of animals can be seen frolicking around the resort everyday. 

Dhora is where Rajasthani splendour meets the desert oasis. The resort has been thoughtfully designed and unified into the desert topography to imitate the natural landscape and decorated in warm colours and earth tones. The architecture is built and inspired by the desert terrain, with many pieces of decor sourced from local communities of artisans through Rajasthan and some artefacts, personally handmade and even handpicked from the desert at times.

This unique destination offers you a special getaway from the world in the most spectacular setting, indulging you in luxury surrounded by the silken sand of the Thar.

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